Life from a City

By LeggeAngie


It was a very dreich morning, in fact, it was chucking it down when I took this. My youngest was back at his theatre group, which shows how much better he is. He really enjoys it, but 6 months ago I despaired that he would ever go back.

Its been a busy day - and an expensive one. As I ended up having to cough up for lunch, plus some new clothes for my daughter. Then food shopping. But I also had good news. My daughter, who is building a network in the art therapy world she volunteers in, has secured 3 free tickets for comic con next weekend in the city. That will still cost me - as both she and her brother will want to buy stuff. But its good photography material generally. Although I'll have to think about lighting, as its in the town hall, and the lighting is quite poor in there for pictures. I might even bring the monopod. 

The picture is the Civic Hall, at one end of Millennium Square. I like the way the square looks in the rain, and the reflections of the columns from the Civic Hall. 

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