Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

What a day!

It was billed as a waterfalls day and for the most part it was exactly that visiting Tangle, Sunwapta and Athabasca Falls as we descended from the Columbia Icefield towards Jasper.  We even had the distraction of a traffic jam caused by a bull elk crossing the road just outside the town.

Unfortunately, the day will be forever remembered for the accommodation we were presented on arrival late in the afternoon.  It didn't start well when the cabins weren't ready despite it being almost 4 'o' clock in the afternoon.  We had to wait another hour before returning.  When we arrived it was apparent that even those who'd booked single occupancy would be expected to share facilities in small cabins with two bedrooms.  That was before opening the doors to find a time warp of 70's design and tired decor.  Not only that but the standard of cleanliness left much to be desired.  Hairs covered some of the beds and in the oven was a pan still swimming in fat!

Collectively we took a stand and refused to take up occupation.  Frantic calls started with the Canadian agents and we removed ourselves from the site in short order.  Our investigations found alternative accommodation but in the meantime so had the agents.  It meant splitting the party for the night and we still don't know what arrangements will be made for the remaining three nights in Jasper.  We finally ate at about 9:00 pm and only reached our night's accommodation at 10 pm.

This morning as I write this it seems to be some sort of dream (or nightmare).  Thanks go to Mike, John and Debs for being persistent and getting things sorted but we shall have to await developments over the next few hours to see how the holiday progresses.

I'm still not sleeping passed 4:30 am so I've had time to process a few more images from the day.

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