We got no rain once again, but saw some lightning and heard constant thundering in the morning. Buddha was very upset to have to go to the noisy world to do business, but what can you do. Can't control weather.

I was supposed to have a dentist appointment today, but had to cancel it as I'm coughing my lungs out. Literally I almost black out after coughing. But the cough in finally starting to break and the snot is getting thick, so it's all getting better. Just have to cough enough to get rid of all the snot. Today is also the first day I felt like eating, so that's progress too. And no fever!

Niklas and I had an evening swim. The waves were moderate, but not bad. It was a lot of fun. We don't go deeper than waistline so it's safe playing in the waves.

Once again I did not cough in the water. And after all that jumping in the waves only a bit. Salt water has amazing effect on breathing. Also the water was warmer than the air at that hour.

Water is still 27°C. We might get one more thunder storm on Wednesday, but for the rest of the 2 weeks that one can see on the forecast it's sunny and about 28°C max. Night temperatures are starting to be cooling. The best weather of the year is starting  right about now.

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