By HeidiHH

17092019 - Water route day!

Water route day!

Today we headed towards Northwest and checked out water. After all the rain we have lots of water in rivers, waterfalls ect, so this is a perfect time check some water sights.

First we headed to Planes and check out Gorg del Salt waterfall. From there we followed to the river and hiked up the ravine of Barranco de la Encantada (enchanted) and down. It was quite wet and muddy but we made it with slightly wet shoes. It was about 27°C and really humid, so clothes were pretty wet too. But as it was so warm, it really didn't matter. I'm just glad no one got their clothes in mud.

Afterwards I washed the dogs in the river. They are so clean now. The water was crystal clear.

Then we drove to Beniarrés dam and reservoir. We saw huge fish and turtles swimming in there and some baby turtles too. Very cool to see them enjoy the peace and quiet.

Then we checked out El Pou Clar in Valencian province which is natural pool area with pristine waters as well. Dogs aren't allowed during June - September so I took that walk quickly with Niklas. So many fish swimming in the pools. If we had a net with us, we'd be grilling some fish tonight!

Then we drove to Bocairent and walked a bit in the stone carved village from medieval times.

So lots of water. Also in my shoes.

Never the less a very nice day! Dogs also seem to be pleased with their day and enjoy some sofa-time right now with a little snore choir.

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