Mono Monday: Escape

I was on a cross-country flight this afternoon, which has allowed me to escape the miserable weather of Hurricane Florence, which arrived in our area this morning.  I left home 10 hours ago and I am only barely into this trip.  A 4 hour layover in LAX has given me time to have a light dinner and a glass of wine, recharge various electronics and upload my blips.

The Apple Watch is a problem if you you travel for 24 hours as I will be doing.  I have a first generation watch that needs to be charged every night.   I hear the newer ones have longer battery life. That doesn't seem to be reason enough to justify a new one when this one still works. 

If you look closely you will see the moon at the top of the image.  

Sorry about the stream of consciousness, but my brain is already quite withered. 

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