It was so tiny I almost missed it.  I immediately thought it was perfectly suited for Tiny Tuesday which is being superbly hosted by JDO this month.  I just wish I had managed to get all of it in focus.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Busy today with a new security measure - we purchased and are setting up a new "Ring" doorbell system.  There have been some prowlers in nearby neighborhoods as reported through the local homeowners' communication app so we have decided to add this additional layer of security for peace of mind.  We have had a backyard "critter cam" for a while and we have seen numerous raccoons, foxes, and deer coming through at night.  That was set up more for fun than for security.  This will monitor the front of the house and let us answer the doorbell without opening the door, even if we aren't home. 

We are still looking for a host for Tiny Tuesday for the month of October.  If you interested in doing this, please leave me or Jensphotos a comment.   

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