Life Savors

By osuzanna

The Back Gate

Not ours, but belonging to a house that backs to the park.  

I have mentioned several times that I have been slogging my way through an impressionist photography course.  That is no reflection on the course which is excellent, it is more a reflection of my participation in the course as I have been quite a slacker and it is taking me forever to complete it.  The course instructor is wonderful and has been very patient with me.  Anyway, today I decided to get busy and complete the current assignment.  One of the techniques is to use a filter with vasoline on it.  This is a shot taken with such a filter.  I have learned that less is better and too much vasoline will completely obliterate the subject.  Anyway, I kind of liked this one. It's not for everyone and your mileage may certainly vary, but this was today's photographic effort, hence it is my blip. 

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