Maligne Lake Boat Trip

The highlight of today's sightseeing was our boat trip on Maligne Lake, with half an hour on Spirit Island. The scenery was absolutely magnificent.

As you'll see, the main blip shows the impressive wake from the boat with mountains in the distance on our return from Spirit Island.

The first extra is a stitched panorama of the view from the beach by the jetty on the island itself. The second extra is a long exposure shot taken from the shoreline not far from the visitor centre.

If you've seen yesterday's backblip, you'll know about our accommodation issues here in Jasper. We're here for 4 nights in total, and happily the agents have now been able to find alternative accommodation for each night, the only downside being the need to move hotels each day. But that's not a big problem at all, and tonight's accommodation is really lovely.

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