By don_T

TIFF Takedown & Immunity

The top photo is from my lunch break stroll in our hot late summer weather. It shows the dismantling of one of the Toronto International Film Festival, sad to see it gone for another year. It ended on Sunday. In the evening we went for a follow up appointment for live blood analysis at my naturopaths which is always so amazing - an entire galaxy inside your blood! We have been working on cleaning up, reducing fat content, traces of bacteria & strengthening Immunity. The photo on bottom left is my sweetie's showing his t cell something (bottom right of this pic) communicating with his immune cells telling them to get to work. While watching this you can actually see them mobilizing and moving towards a perceived cool! My cells are on the right side and show beautiful sparkling jewel-like immune cells just hanging out. We have made great progress & got gold stars. To celebrate I taught an evening yin mindful yoga class - yay!

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