By don_T

Need for Speed

#3 of 4 velodrome skill training sessions. This is the chariot race, 3 riders in each flight, 2 races each of 1.5x around the track. It was a blast, the speed was so fun, my sweetie (pictured in all black) said to his friend "how can she race with such a big smile on her face?" apparently I grin when I race. We also did a follow-the-leader drill up to the top rails and then a slow drill going around the cones placed on the tracks. This one was interesting, we learned to apply pressure to the pedals as a form of braking as the gearless and brakeless direct train form of pedalling really worked on our control. It became progressively harder and my sweetie swung a bit wide then had to face an almost straight up climb on the steep track and he slipped and slowly went down. With the zero-traction cycling shoes and about 35degree track slope, he needed help standing up & walking down the track. They call the track 'self cleaning' as if you fall you generally slide to the bottom. Luckily no injuries (he was 1 of 3 who fell on the track tonight). These pics are clockwise of my sweetie's race. The 2nd round of racing he kicked the 35 yr olds butt and passed him, not bad for a 60 yr old senior (as of next week)!

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