Build bridges, not borders

I haven't been sleeping terribly well recently. After a third night of insomnia, with a bed switch at 2:00am last night, I have struggled to make it through the day today. I'm finding it really difficult to get off to sleep because I have pain in both my thighs. It's rather like very, very mild cramp. The main problem seems to be that I simply cannot stay comfortable in one position long enough to nod off.

Somehow I managed to get on with teaching prep, took some exercise, and made supper today without succumbing to a strong desire to crawl back into bed. I want to be sure that I am properly tired when I turn in this evening, so I banned myself from a nap.

Mr hazelh has kindly volunteered to sleep elsewhere tonight since I was the one who bailed out of the bedroom last night, so fingers crossed that this helps me finally catch up on my sleep.

I took my blip when out on my bike in the damp this morning. (Sorry to bring up Brexit!)

Exercise today: 10 mile bike ride.

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