The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Sultana Laid an Egg

Today was all about people. We started by shopping in a market place for gifts and food to bring to a family we were going to visit later in the day. Our guide Sultan gave us each pieces of paper with Swahili words on them indicating what we were to buy. He also gave us money. David (seen holding Sultana) and Marissa got a paper that said "chicken" in Swahili. Little did they know that meant a live chicken, not one ready to eat. The chicken had her feet tied and David was very gentle when he carried her around the market. We decided to name the chicken and I came up with "Sultana" in honor of our guide. We were all relieved to learn that she was to remain alive and that her job would be to create eggs and more chickens for the family. Phew! By the time we got there, quite a bit later in the day, we had all bonded with Sultana. She had settled quite nicely in our jeep and just before it was time to give her to the family, she laid an egg.

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