Mono ...........

 ............... Monday243  (MM243)  -  Escape.

Hmmmmm - another EB (emergency blip) which I am valiantly trying to make fit the theme ...... I've only just looked to see what it is despite taking the photo on Monday evening.

The best I can do is say I had hoped to be able to "escape" wearing glasses for a few more years yet however I now need a pair for driving (but only at night), a pair for reading and yet another pair for the computer screen ......... so from none I've gone to three in a few short years - getting old is not always fun - lol.

~ Anni ~

Backblipped on Wednesday 19 September 2018

In case you're wondering about the tag "beverleybecks" - in our house glasses are usually called "beverleys"   -  in ''have you seen my beverleys?''  - beverleybecks = specs!!  I know, it's silly.

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