The brief for Wide Angle Wednesday is:

1.  It must be taken on the Wednesday  -  tick
2.  It must be taken by me  -  tick
3.  It must not be a photo of a photo  -  tick
4.  It must or should include the theme which is metal  -  tick
5.  It must be wide angle  -  fail

Well I reckon four out of five isn’t too bad! 

I was looking in one of my old recipe books yesterday for a recipe for Bread Pudding and as I was searching came across this one for Auntie Molly’s Apple Chutney.  I had been given a bagful of apples by a lady at Church on Sunday, so thought I would make this in honour of a Molly, a lovely lady, who died in October 1996 and who would have been 100 years old the following July.  

Auntie Molly was the aunt of our very good friends, Julia and Melvin, and my abiding memory of her was when Mr. HCB and I were staying for the weekend whilst Julia and Melvin were away.  I had found some bacon in the fridge and it didn’t smell very nice - in fact, I thought it was rancid - but as I was walking across the kitchen to throw it in the bin, Molly came out of her room, which was just off the kitchen.  She asked what I was doing and when I told her that the bacon was “off”, she grabbed it out of my hands, sniffed it and said “There’s nothing wrong with that - just leave it!”  Of course, I did as I was told and very soon, I could smell frying bacon - Molly was making a bacon sandwich, which she ate and enjoyed!  

I think this happened when she was about 95 years old and she lived to be 99, so I guess she knew better than me that even rancid bacon, when fried very well, tastes good and it obviously didn’t do her any harm!  We have often laughed about that and I am sure that we will remember many other things about this lovely lady when we enjoy Auntie Molly’s Apple Chutney.

The chutney is simmering well, the kitchen smells wonderful and I have a friend coming over for lunch - so I am looking forward to that.  In case you are wondering, I did rest quite a lot yesterday and even read parts of the Camera Manual again.

Mr. HCB left early to go to Bristol for another day’s cricket.  His friend, Keith, can’t go tomorrow, but the weather forecast isn’t good, so Mr. HCB is going to have a break tomorrow and then go for the last day of the season, weather permitting, on Friday.

Nathan, the young man who interviewed me on Swindon 105.5 a few weeks ago has given me a copy of the interview on a USB stick and I have now put it into my Dropbox, which I am reliably informed I can share - so if you want to hear the interview, click on this Link.    I do hope this works - but if not, and you want to hear it, please email me.

“Sometimes you will never know 
     the value of a moment 
          until it becomes a memory.”
Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss

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