Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


My husband lit the bonfire to get rid of builder’s rubbish as well as some garden rubbish so I spent much of the morning tending the bonfire while my husband cut the grass behind the house and the orchard. Much of the afternoon was spent reading some more information related to the updated module that I tutor.
At one point during the morning, my husband came indoors to get coffee and it is fortunate that he did. One of the trees on the marsh, which is near our boundary, decided to break off one of its branches which landed in our garden, just where he had been mowing!
I have not seen many ladybirds this year, but today I saw two, so one is the main picture, the other one is the extra. They were definitely different as I could see both of them at the same time!
Today it is quite hot, but still very windy; hopefully tomorrow will be similar and rain free. Tomorrow’s picture is likely to be an animal, but what kind? If you know me very well you might guess and no, it will not be Dougal or Florence.

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