B is for Brno

This year's B trip with university friends is to Brno in the Czech Republic. It nearly hasn't happened due to mass cancellations at Stansted. As I went through security, a raft of 25 flights was being reeled off with passengers told they couldn't be helped at the airport and to 'go home' and rebook through the website. Half of the people in the airport wouldn't have a home in the UK and others may be hours away. This instruction and the insistence of the company to accept more bookings than they're competent enough to handle, will cost people hundreds of pounds, not to mention the inconvenience.

Ryanair makes my blood boil and after this trip I vow to do everything to avoid using them.

Happy to have made it relatively unscathed with just a delay, I already like the look of Brno from our Airbnb spot.

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