By strawhouse

Going Swimming

It's been a busy day. Miss E had a mock 11+ test this morning so I dropped her off just before 9.30am and then hot footed it back to the vets for Archie to get his booster. It's only two years late but he's up to date!!
From there we had to go straight back for Miss E.
I've been feeling anxious about the test today. The holidays have been so fraught with Miss E - getting her to do any work; her doing test papers and getting everything wrong and apparently not knowing what any words mean, how to spell anything and how to do any maths whatsoever. The number of papers she's done without getting the pass mark has gone up and up and her confidence and behaviour has plummeted.
It's been awful.
We tried offering money to do work, told her it was OK not to do it and we'll just see how the test goes, shouted at her about her crappy attitude (not our finest hour - she's ten and I've spent all year trying not to be those parents. Sigh.); told her the alternative school is hardly the worst place in the world; screamed, cried and broken plates.......
In the end I backed off completely a couple of weeks ago and it's hardly been mentioned. Much better for everyone I think!
So today I was so nervous for her doing the mock test. She's passed - with high marks - the other two mocks she's done, and always got a pass mark when she's done tests in lessons. So why has she found it so hard at home?
I genuinely don't mind if she passes or fails but I worry about the effect on her confidence and self-image if she doesn't get the pass mark. She will be devastated.
Bloody 11+. I wish we'd never started.
Anyway we'll see.
We went to the park once I'd picked her up and then went to Looby Lu's for lunch as a special treat.
The rest of the day was spent lazing around at home until Miss L's swimming. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world going in in her jim jams!!
She got moved up to the next level, whoop whoop!!!!!!! She was soooooooooo proud of herself it was wonderful.

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