Royal Scot at Bridgnorth

I am not a train expert and I could be totally wrong about this being the Royal Scott, but I think that's what the experts told me this was.  It is the autumn gala on the Severn Valley Railway this weekend so as we had a free day with nothin particular on, we decided to go.  I really like the new red livery of the Duchess of Sutherland but I love the drama of this shot.  It was pouring with rain and everything was shiny.  Light was interesting too.  This was taken off the footbridge over the track at Bridgnorth station.

We have learnt lots about locos (Didn't know I had to call them that) and all sort of other bits and pieces and types of machinery.  We also met some very knowledgeable people who were only too keen to tell us all the things we didn't know.  

We could still be riding up and down the line as our tickets were valid for the night time operations too.  Once up and down with stops and starts and exploring of stations was enough for us.  Bet it's good at night though!

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