Day to day today

By Jewels4663

Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder...

Or Our Dear Lord in the Attic Museum.  

Well, this was weird and wonderful!  A Catholic church built in an attic in defiance of the Calvanists in the 1600s.  Quite an incredible feat - they removed three floors of the house to build it, and it's quite something.  

It has been a religious day today - I went to the Nieuwe Kerk, which had quite an interesting exhibition on Buddha going on (a bit east meets west, in that environment), then the Oude Kerk, which had an exhibition where all the windows had been covered in red film.  Everything was therefore red - quite strange.  It was to commemorate changing from being a Catholic church to a Protestant one in 1578.  Also went to the Begijnhof, a small square built to house single or widowed women who lived a religious life but didn't want to take religious orders.  Really peaceful, and the Kapel there was lovely.

I think I might have had enough of churches for the rest of this week now though!

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