Lonan, the crowded glen

One of those days when showers come flying over quickly and the hot sun comes back out!

We went to the Glen Lonan polytunnels this morning and took a picnic, driving the 'country way' out of Oban, through Glencruitten and into Glen Lonan from the SW end. The weather was beautiful and huge white clouds decorated the deep blue sky . We decided to stop for a picnic where the road, the C32 (!), crosses the River Lonan. To our horror there was a car parked right in the middle of the view - imagine, a car! But it was still a great view and worth a Blip!

Within a very short time the black clouds loomed up and deposited a great deal of rain upon the scene. We watched the storm pass over and the blue sky appear again. On the road beside the car a very small toad hopped slowly across the tarmac and I got out to help it on to the grass. It seems very late in the year for a 1" toad to be out and about!

My extra is a 'through the windscreen' shot of the storm between the calms.

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