By mindful_life

Sunday best or Sunday rest?

I had the best night sleep I have had for as long as I can remember.  Which is strange because I had my niece over for a sleep over and I expected my children and her to be up all night chuckling and getting into mischief! I actually slept all night, until 7.45, and probably would have slept longer if the children hadn't woken me up by going downstairs.  

My son had a party to go to and when I dropped him off it was clear I would have been cramping his style if I had stayed as nobody else did, so I chose to walk to a nearby hotel, order a cup of coffee, and sit quietly to read my book. This is my book club book and I am really enjoying it! I had to look up a couple of words I didn't know again, but I am actually enjoying that too! the words were boutonniere - the flower men used to wear in their button holes but now usually only wear on occasions, like weddings.  The other was lexicographer. I knew the word but couldn't remember what it was - someone who writes dictionaries.  Every day is a school day!

After the party I went home and did the jobs I needed to do including a bit of shopping. I spotted some Gladioli for sale which was reduced to £1.50 and I couldn't resist. So, I bought two bunches which are now on display in my kitchen!

I spent the rest of today cooking dinner, and also doing something else nice for myself - painting my nails!! The most difficult part being deciding which colour!!! 

So I certainly didn't dress in my Sunday best but I had plenty of well deserved rest. 

A lovely quote was sent to me today and so I thought I would use it on my blip:

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim."  Nora Ephron

This is very poignant for me at the moment - I have been a victim and now must remind myself to be my own hero for the rest of my life.  And only I am responsible for that.

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