By mindful_life

Mono Monday Concentrate

I went out this morning with the intention of looking for some studious people to photograph for today’s mono theme of “concentration” or “focus”. But I was at work and I didn’t think my colleagues would look too kindly on me taking their photographs! At lunch time I popped into a sew craft shop and ended up looking through a catalogue of patterns and before I knew it I had to go back to work!
I had my usual busy Monday evening of running the children around and then sat helping my daughter with her maths homework. I kept telling her to concentrate as she was easily distracted so I thought it fitting to include her hand when she asked me to when I was later taking a photo of a flower from the bunch I bought myself yesterday! She did also comment that she finds it difficult to keep still for photographs – a poignant thing to say for the theme concentrate!!
I found this quote and thought it was quite thought provoking and also fitting for the theme:
When you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t mix the two.” Jim Rohan
It made me think of the definition of mindfulness which is the intentional awareness and paying attention of the current moment. Or something along those lines! When we pay attention, when we stop and see and listen and feel, the world is transports you to a magical place. Reality. 
So, when we concentrate on the here and now, we will see it for all its beauty and glory. When we concentrate on being mindful it opens up our eyes.  

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