I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Unusual Sight

The golf course is still closed. The new grass isn't strong enough to support foot traffic, so I took a long walk (with permission) around some of the holes looking for something interesting.

Obviously they have used a lot of mushroom compost on the tee boxes. The pigeons were feasting on this group of fungi before I so rudely disturbed them to take a picture. Not something you see in this dry, hot climate.

The purple sage is starting its' autumn bloom and the bees were very busy gathering pollen. (see extra) This is something we see in the spring and this time of year. I love seeing the shades of purple again the grey/green leaves.

I am grateful that the course was all mine this morning. It was a good start to the day.

I am so behind on your journals and commenting. Please forgive me. I do appreciate you stopping by and all the gifts given. I will try to catch up in the coming week.

Until tomorrow....

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