I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Slow Geese Crossing

I had Bunker duty this morning, with Tony still out of town. The Canada Geese were moving back in for the winter. They were moving from lake to lake, trying to find the best place to land.

Bunker was busy hunting those "wascally wabbits" (see extra). This was going to be my blip for Silly Saturday today, until I saw this scene unfolding later in the day. Thank you admirer for hosting this great challenge.

I ran in to get my camera but didn't have time to exchange lenses. This was taken with my 400mm, so I didn't get the whole line of geese going across the road. The driver was most patient with them. Even waited for the last one, who stopped and rested for a bit.

I am grateful to live where nature drops in, or walks across the road, giving me an opportunity to get some great blips.

Until tomorrow.....

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