Desperately seeking

By clickychick


We still aren't wedding photographers but The Mate and I were out again today this time photographing the wedding of the sister of last year's client.

I arrived at the house at just after 8am to find buckets of flowers in the kitchen. Mother-of-the-bride is a florist and was about to start making 7 bouquets and her own corsage. She was so calm about it, working away with a house full of folk. a dozen of us!

All was going smoothly, I got lots of shots of the group preparing for the big day. The bridesmaids' car set off for the venue. My car was round the corner and I had a pile of their bags to put in my car to take with me. The bride's taxi was keeping an eye on things while I got my car.

PANIC! My car wouldn't start, I must have left the lights on. The calm father-of-the-bride got out of the wedding car, went into the house for his car keys, brought his car to mine and bump-started me. Phew! How he kept his cool!

The sat-nav almost got me lost, but fortunately I knew the venue and corrected my journey. I expect The Mate was wondering where I had got to. So, on with the job! Lots more shots to be taken during the ceremony and after and now a lot of sorting and editing for us both to do.

Apart from my mishap, a very enjoyable day again with the family.

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