a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Eye for detail

Mono Monday: Focus

This one is not as easy to take as you might think.  The Nikon has an articulated viewer but it does not flip so that you can position it to be visible from the front of the camera.  You can remote control the camera from the phone and get a preview of the shot that way, but Nikon's software is not great and the process takes a while to set up.  Wanting to ensure the image in the magnifier was in focus I was reduced to measuring where things needed to be for this one to work and shooting with manual focus.

The (rather scary) result is what I was aiming for - so apologies if any of you have just been put off a meal, or now have indigestion/nightmares.  If its any comfort, just think what poor Cathy has to put up with ;-)  

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