a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Twists and Turns

Tiny Tuesday: Twists and Turns

The inspiration for today's image should be reasonably obvious to anyone who has seen the news coming out of the UK today.

I remember that my first term studying law at University included a module on British Constitutional Law.  I would not be exaggerating to tell you that I found it incredibly dull and I seriously questioned whether I had made the correct decision in deciding to study law.  But finally, today, after all those years we have had one of the most momentous days in British legal constitutional history for a very long time indeed and the subject has rather sprung to life.  Having read the Supreme Court's judgement in full I have to hand it to the 11 Law Lords - their encapsulation of the relevant law is masterful. Boris can disagree with it as much as he likes, but their decision is the definitive legal position.  

Boris will no doubt spin the decision as an effort by the judicial elite to undermine Brexit, while carefully avoiding pointing out that the Government's argument to the court was that the prorogation of Parliament was unrelated to Brexit.  But then Boris is famously in favour of both having and eating his cake.

Parliament will be sitting again tomorrow and the sovereignty of Parliament as the protector of our democracy has been ensured.  That much at least is a change for the better.  I am not sure it brings us that much closer to unravelling the Brexit knot, but one can hope.

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