By strawhouse

Pretty Muddy

This morning was spent with my fellow Sing and Sign teachers - and all our Jessie's (no way to write that without it sounding dodgy as!!!!) - doing the Pretty Muddy 5K in Milton Keynes. Just like last time I did it the weather was rubbish - I woke up to pouring rain and howling wind!
Luckily it improved slightly before we started and even thought it was freezing at least it stopped raining.
It was lovely to all get together again and to meet the new teacher who's started this term. We all got very wet and very muddy and had a brilliant laugh.
And raised a fair bit of money for Cancer Research too. 
I was covered from head to toe in mud - much muddier than the picture shows - It gets everywhere!!! 
I went shopping in Tescos before having a shower and got some funny looks. I kept my medal on so I didn't look I live on the streets and haven't washed for several months!
Then it was home to a long hot bath and Descendants 2 on Netflix.  I enjoyed a lot more than I should have!
I felt like a zombie all day - like I'd run a marathon in the mud, rather than waking 5K. Chilli for dinner - resisting the pizza stuffed down by the rest of my family - and then an early night

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