Mid Autumn festival

Also known as Lantern Festival and Moon Festival!

Pilates first thing today followed by a quick ‘helping’ at the house that is at the heart of the aid being provided to the people who lost everything in the typhoon.

There is still soooo much debris around DB, and Hong Kong I would imagine, it really was quite a storm.

Then home to start cooking for the beach tonight, for lantern festival. I made sloppy joes for the first time! They were good, if I may say so myself.

Had a lovely gathering of some of our church family and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect, despite the thunderstorm warning!

AND ... my amazing hairdresser, Isaac, brought us some absolutely delicious moon cakes, right on the beach. This was such a kind, generous gesture that really touched my heart. What a guy!

Happy mid autumn festival everyone!

PS. Pls see extras!

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