6 years ... not out

Well here we are again, at a blip anniversary. I knew this was coming up, despite my big gaps recently. And now it’s here!

I really wanted my 6th anniversary blip to be in HK and not in Beijing, so I’ll go back and backblip our trip later, as much happened there and it was a wonderful time away.

Thank you to all the lovely people who still follow me and comment and give me stars and favs. You’ll are too kind. I’ve been slack at commenting, period! And need to catch up with all of you. I’ll get there. Life is a bit crazy right now.

Headed into town with new friends Allison and Kathy to show them wedding street (Lee Tung Avenue) as I wanted to blip the lanterns for mid autumn festival and thought it would make for a good 6 year special blip too.

It was very busy in town as it’s a public holiday. Good to see people enjoying this lovely display.

Thank you again to the Fab 4 who’ve kept blip going and continue to offer us a wonderful platform to share our lives in pictures.

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