Every Little Step

By moonfairy

For Beryl.

Our lovely neighbour died today.  

She's been ill for sometime, and was very elderly, on Saturday, she was taken by ambulance to hospital.  We knew there was something wrong today, when we saw so many people arriving at the house.

Then tonight, her son, came over to confirm it.

It's hit them all very hard.  It doesn't matter how old or sick someone is, it still hurts.

She was a nice lady, always smiled and waved at the children.  I'll miss seeing her sitting and reading her books.

Alexandra took a day off today, to look after the children.  Apart, from very runny noses, they seemed alright today.  They've eaten a lot of food, which is a good sign.

The weather, hasn't been very nice, cool and overcast, but no rain.  We had the rain last night.

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