memories from a sister... longer here

sometimes you don't miss them - as much as when they're - no longer around - when you can no longer call them - text them, hear their voice - send an email - whatever the case may be

sometimes you may think it's annoying - to get that midnight text or call - i admit at times i did - yet i always responded because - she was my sister - and i loved her - never knew when it would be the last - i didn't quite understand just how quickly - that last would be - so i'm grateful i always responded

this tiny bookmark was a gift - from my sister - she had a habit of sending me - random things at random times - just because - it was one of my favorite characteristics about her

do you do random acts of kindness - for your loved ones? - do you wish they'd stop an annoying habit? - do the 1st - quit the 2nd - they both should go hand in hand with love - it's what makes us individuals just - as much as we need to accept each - other for how abba created us in the first place - don't take your loved ones for granted - give them a hug - tell them how you feel - annoying habits and all - together have...


happy day.....

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