Lost in Thought

By steveng

We saw three ships

 tourist day in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard ... with HMS Victory, the Mary Rose and HMS Warrior.  Each quite a thing to see, although the Victory is the most impressive given it's place in history. 

My main blip is the white ensign flying from the poop deck of the Victory, scene of the famous "I'll have to spell confides sir" moment.  Thankfully, advising his admiral at such a critical moment didn't do Lt Pasco's career any lasting damage  Although I see it as one of the more obvious, clear thinking in extreme circumstances moments.

There were some interesting reactions to the signal - Vice Admiral Collingwood (Nelson's #2) is supposed to have commented " I wish Nelson would not signal so - does he not think we know what to do?"   

The extras are Gill's photographs of the Mary Rose and The Warrior. See ing all three on the same day is interesting in that the progress from one design to the next is clear.  The Warrior had the shortest in service time, being surpassed by the pace of change within 10 years. 

A fine day in warm sunshine too!

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