One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The lapsed blipper

 But he will be back in the fold very soon. One can only contain's one enthusiasm for so long! 

The full Edinburgh 2018 trip is HERE, if you have 10 minutes with shag all else to do. 

A great mini blipmeet in the Bow Bar with Instography, RexComu1 (you left your pair of wee jugs behind), Meles (we did raise a few pints to your good health, Islander Dave), Magpie (watch out for Dog's Arse and Pint in the 2019 edition of the RSA exhibition) and 'imindoors, who was in particularly good form (I must try that Caberbet Gaviscon cocktail, it appears to have euphoric properties) with mrs 'imindoors ('herindoors I suppose) and her merry relatives in tow. 

It was the perfect warm up lap before going to see (and occasionally hear) the Fishy Dick in the Queen's Hall. 

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