Abbot Hall with crutch

Suggested to Mr P and M  a trip to the Elisabeth Frink exhibition in Kendal that closes on Friday but neither wanted to go.  Luckily the surgeon had said I could drive after two weeks if I could move my accelerator foot enough and was comfortable behind the wheel, so off I went in the car with my crutches to the Abbotts Hall Gallery.   Wooppee  - my first trip out - feeling independent again.  The building must be the most un-disabled access friendly building I have been to. You can see the entrance steps through the sculpture. There were steps every where.  My visit coincided with a vist by the team of architects tasked with improving access into and around the building. They were very conscious of the steps, kept rushing to assist me and took me up and down in a staff operated lift.  I got the VIP treatment. 

Some Rodins on display as well, Rodin being Frink's main inspiration. . Surprised to see The Thinker here  in little old Kendal and Frink's Goggle Head.  I first saw Frink heads in Worthing where Mum lives see here. There were more of the same in the exhibition but I was not allowed to take photos. Forgive the crutch in the foreground. It is to serve as a reminder.

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