Lucky Me

Having had far too little sleep I rang the vets for the results on Poppy and after a, 'How are you?' from them in a very concerned voice and with me thinking, 'Me, ME?!" I was convinced in a trice that they had bad news. NO all was good and she has been cleared from her cancer scare with the hysterectomy healing nicely. 

Hubs in tomorrow for his op although he's got a nasty cold which is worrying and my Dad's op is on Wednesday  and at 91 I'm a trifle concerned with that too though the procedure itself isn't anything more than routine.

SO taking time out for myself today with nothing I could do for anyone, got in the car. Someone up there was thinking I needed a break and this is my first shortie for the season. WOW so very chuffed! Certainly it's what I needed to lift me up a bit ... well a lot  :) Wonderful how they travel here from so very far away and just to see me  .........

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