By mindful_life

Wild Wednesday - open your eyes and you will see..

I have had an incredibly busy day at work today, the time flew by in the blink of an eye! I ensured I had a quick half an hour break at lunch time to stretch my legs! All the while I have been thinking about what to blip!

I took my son for his drumming lesson after school which is actually at a school teacher’s house as her son is his teacher. They have a lovely garden - she in fact runs a gardening club in the spring which my son took part in this year. My son spotted these green-flies on the stem of a thorny plant hanging down. It was actually quite difficult to get them in focus on my camera phone and took a few attempts!! 

I’m very proud of my son - his teacher told me at the end of his lesson he wants to put him in for his Grade 1 in November! 

This evening I went to see a clinical psychologist as recommended by my doctor. It was very worthwhile and I am going to start a course next week on mindfulness which I wanted to do anyway, and also some one to one sessions to work through trauma and dealing with it. I think we have all probably had some trauma in our lives and the traumas can affect us for many many years. This quote stood out for me today and I really feel it appropriate for me right now. 

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

An exercise I did recently was to write down all the things you have achieved. From completing school, to having a child or running a marathon. Everything is significant. I wrote my list and when I think of all the things I have done (which are easily forgotten) it makes me proud. And I also know that there are so many more things I want and can do. And I will do them because inside me there is a lot bursting to come out. I recommend this exercise to anyone who feels self doubt or like me has low self esteem as it will open your eyes to all the wonderful things you have done and what you have inside you still come!

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