By mindful_life

Abstract Thursday - getting my bake on!

 thought a lot today about how I could find something to photograph for today’s abstract challenge of motion. I was in the office 9-5 with a lunch break where I had lunch out with a friend and colleague which was lovey! But nothing caught my eye for the challenge. 

I had planned to start baking when I got home as I am making my niece’s birthday cake for Sunday and that’s when it jumped out! There was a lot of motion going on while I stirred the ingredients and added the colouring! I am layering coloured sponge for her cake and I won’t spoil what it is going to be in case I use it for a blip! 

I love baking. And I love cake decorating! I used to do a lot of baking before I went back to work last year but haven't done so much lately. I did consider starting my own business baking, specialising in gluten free and vegan cakes - maybe one day I will do this! I allowed myself to be talked out of it and really wish I hadn't! 

I always seem to turn to the creative things for enjoyment - sewing, writing, baking and music. I thought this quote was quote apt for today.

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph Chiltern Pearce

I am certainly one that is guilty of fearing being wrong - I think this is along the same lines as worrying about the opinions of others! But I guess that if you are creating something, you cannot be wrong. It is a creation with no rules. Perhaps if we lived our life like that we would have a different perspective.  Our life could be our creation with no rules and therefore we cannot be wrong. How liberating that would be!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Thursday!

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