One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Earning her stripes

After all the gallivanting of the previous two days, it was good to reconnect with the moderate side of moderation. 
Mr Smith and I caught a fine exhibition in Leigh, and we then had a light (as in Canadian lumberjack light...) lunch with Jaybroek (first extra photo). 
Then off to the Meadows and to the Dower House. It was, as always, a privilege to see Her Ladyship and His Lordship. Her Ladyship and I gave His Lordship a break from our incessant blether and we visited her local coffee house where she is first name terms with all the staff. 
She suspected me of trying to take a sneaky shot of the ladies who were busy doing lunch to her left, but I was just trying to add more horizontal lines to this symphony of black and white stripes. 
Then it was off for a walk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh. A wee pint, and perhaps even a wee dram may have been consumed as I needed to rest my weary legs. 

I was going to forget. There is a second extra shot: the face of guilt 

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