By amandoAlentejo

Proud Parents

Visitors today, and we all worked together to get the place more sorted, so that would have been my photo - us all at the new table, laid with red plates and yellow serviettes.

But then went to Casa Esquível, where they were staying, and the skies over the castle were amazing, the clouds, and the sun setting, large and red. Was sure that would be my Blip.

But then we drove to Luz, to walk on the boardwalk, and the skies, reflected in the Lake - stunning. Maybe that should be the photo of the day.

Then, on the way home, Deb sent Julia a photo of her results letter, which states that "on the 21st September 2018 the Chair of the Midwifery Examination Board agreed that you are to be awarded a Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons), 1st Classification (First Class)" - so, obviously, that will have to be my Blip for today.

Oh, and just to complete the celebrations, after a lot of light and sound drama, it's actually raining a bit now, smells wonderful.
Update: a huge crash of light and sound, and all the lights in town went off; our solar battery carried on unaffected.

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