Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The long drive and Castle Urquhart and no Nessy

It was hard to leave D and D this morning (and of course Lola).  So hard I subconsciously left my coat in the boot room and we had to turn back to get it.  They were most gracious hosts and I hope this is not the last time I see them.  I have put Lola up as an extra.

P and I then headed North to the ferry at Scrabster to take us over to the Orkneys where we have landed and I am now typing this.  Despite a few sat nav problems, we made it in plenty of time for the last ferry.

On the way, we stopped at Glencoe to admire the mist and rain.  The Three sisters were massive and very popular with the tourists.  The trees up north along the Lochs have started to turn golden and there were some very pretty places along the way.

We stopped at Castle Urquhart  at Loch Ness for a quick recky and a cuppa.  This will fit nicely with Bobs challenge of Old for this week having being built in the Middle Ages.  Unfortunately, there was no Nessy.

From there it was "Go North young man!" until we ran out of land.  The countryside changed with each bend and I have never seen so many wind farms including a massive one out to sea.  The coastline was rugged in places.  There was also a place were there were some oil rigs - they were huge.

There were some very fine tractors which were admired as well including one that darted out across the main road at cracking pace.  The Irish Bachelor farmers would be most impressed.

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