Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Going home

I caught the later Ferry this evening and so witnessed this lovely sunset.  This was as we were approaching Gladesville Bridge.  My stop is just the other side of it.

I have noticed there is a Ferry etiquette.  You must board and disembark in an orderly manner.  If you are on one side of the Ferry, you must not cross over to queue on the other side but wait you turn on your side.  You must feed evenly to walk across the gangplank  thingy (is that what it is called) and it is polite to thank the deckhands on exiting and good morning /good evening etc on entering.  Once on the ferry it is fair game for loud conversations on the phone, texting and all manner of other phone or laptop business.

I walked to Martin Place at lunch time today and saw Sydney's tram being tested.  The track along George St is quite different to Hunter Street in  Newie in that there are no pedestrian barriers and it is free range across the tracks.  That will be interesting....  I have put it up in the extra.

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