Wheel in motion - AT170

Unfortunately for the Singapore Flyer it isn't really moving, I need to find out if it is still working, it does still have all the coloured lights at night. We have arrived in Singapore this afternoon and have a perfect view on the Singapore wheel, the two domes of the Gardens by the Bay and the sea with ships waiting to load/unload. We've met with eldest son already, had a yummy dinner in a Japanese restaurant and are going to sleep soon to try sleep off the jetlag, so all I could manage is a bit of a play with an image of the Flyer, making it move a bit by merging it with a rippled image layer.
For Abstract Thursday with its optional theme of 'motion

Please remember to tag your Abstract'Thursday entry with AT170 and do tell me if it doesn't show up in the AT170 collection, not even after an hour or so.

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's Blip, we have indeed had a safe journey so far :-)

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