Deepavali decorations

The Deepavali decorations in Little India are up and will probably look even more festive at night when all lit up. We drove by in a taxi and I thought this would probably be the only picture I take today which has flowers in it (unless tonight at dinner with friends there are flowers, but I dare not count on it). We were having a very relaxed day, and I was trying out which shoes are best for walking here and in Bali next week, not much luck yet, there is a very hurtful tendon still in my left foot, so very frustrating when what I would like to do most is just walk around. I can only walk very slow in a hobble. Anyway, there are plenty of taxis everywhere and the warmth is very soothing.

Remotely for Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting.

Thanks very much for all the AT entries and for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's Wheel.

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