Toulouse was kind to me this morning. I had my last stroll to the boulangerie for croissants, and then a cup of the strong black stuff to eat them with.

Then it was the T2 tram to the airport about 9am. A 30 minute ride for €1.70. Check-in was immediate and security was about the same. KLM’s flight left right on time. 

Amsterdam Airport worked well too - up to a point - and KLM’s Edinburgh flight left close to schedule. 

It all went a bit wrong at Edinburgh Airport. Yes, again. It took the airport 20 minutes to find steps to bring to the aircraft to get us off. I mean to say, they knew we were coming, and when!  

Then my suitcase was missing when I was able to get into the terminal. I believe it has now (9:30pm) reached Edinburgh and will be couriered to my house. 

Welcome home. 

My camera is in my suitcase, so the Blip* is not what I expected it to be - the tram stop this morning. 

* Sat 29-9. Originally planned Blip now added as Extra. The early morning view from the balcony of the apartment. 

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