Some Days ...

.... the choice is too hard.  So today you get the five star treatment.
Another glorious sunshine filled day.  Hot!   Barbecue food, ice creams, cold drinks.  The last day of summer?  If so we nailed it :-)
Very noisy neighbours brought out the Victor Meldrew in me.  “I don’t believe it!!”  How can their ‘gardening’ spoil mine?  They only have concrete and grass but pressure washing the concrete made an awful racket.  Still, it was almost too hot for gardening at the time and I had received some exciting seed in the post so spent the time writing labels.  Later I progressed various jobs, hard labour today but there will be new plants in new places over the next year or so.  Plenty of new blip opportunities :-)
Colchicum speciosum                                Colchicum troodii
                                          ‘Nancy Lindsay’
Crocus niveus                                              Crocus nudiflorus

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