Going to the Zoo

Today was a day for a mini blip meet.  WRPerry very kindly drove into Georgetown and picked me and Trish up to go to the zoo.  The weather was overcast with the threat of rain later in the day - but for wandering around the zoo for a couple of hours it was fab.  It was a delight to meet Wendy and be escorted around the zoo. She took us first to see the gorgeous pandas, one of whom was out and about, enjoying his breakfast! My extra is a collage of a few of the other animals we saw.  The obligatory sit down gave rise to a delicious slice of pizza and coffee, rather than cake and coffee.  Sadly a lot of the animals decided to stay in their nests/beds due to the weather but it was an interesting experience in a well maintained facility. Would definitely revisit.
Wonderful to meet a blipper from the US - a very gracious guide. Huge thanks Wendy!

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