Seaside flowers.....

I'v had an awesome day wandering around Godley Head and down into Boulder Bay with mpp26. 

The views round the headland were breathtaking. The sea was all shades of blue, it was calm and peaceful. Swallows flitted around as we ambled and as we neared Boulder Bay, which is only accessible by foot, we could hear terns calling. It was a frenzy out on the rocks as some were offering fish to show their affection, of course it didn't always work out and the fish had to be offered to another, it was quite entertaining!

Boulder Bay was an absolute haven. Seaside flowers in bloom everywhere, bumble bees were flying around along with cabbage white butterflies. The sea gently lapped over the boulders and glistened in the sun. I had to pinch myself as I didn't think it was possible to have two of my favourite things so close together, the sea and flowers.

We enjoyed our lunch sitting in the sun and admiring this view but all good things come to an end and it wasn't long before we had to climb out of the bay and head up the cliffs, passing sheep with baby lambs munching on grass.

Thanks M for such a lovely day, I had a wonderful time :)

Oh, I forgot to mention the quaint little baches, you could easily count them on your hand, some quite quirky sitting right beside the sea with an forever changing view - magic!

For Flower Friday I have seaside flowers, bright red ixia with their sunny yellow centers amongst various varieties of succulents. Thanks Anni for hosting Flower Friday :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone :)

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