Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

The Yard

It's been quite a day!

First of all, I became aware that my phone wasn't functioning properly... my wonderful network provider decided to suspend my account, so I had to sort that out.

Then, for the first time ever,  I had my hair coloured at home by the stylist who I've been going to for the last few years. She's thinking of going freelance, and I was her first client! It all went well, made more possible by the fact that she bought and carried back a portable wash basin!

We had enough time to eat some lunch before G raced out to an Awana leader's meeting. I got on with the weekly chore to get it out of the way. And finally, we met up with our SA officer's to show them the Last Exit D89. They loved it! I captured a family photo to send to the grandparents for posterity.

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