Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Car Accessory Souq

I braved this rough area of town all on my own today while G did a mega tidy up in her room. Since getting a part-time job, I've been itching to see what's out there on the car speaker front. Things have changed a bit here too. For starters, there are even more businesses whose main activity is souping up 4WD's and other high-end cars for export.

It was nice then to find a shop dedicated to one thing i.e. car audio systems. For some reason, they call themselves Key Fashion. They (sometimes reluctantly) answered all my questions, which was good as they are not used to dealing with women in their line of work.

Enquiries made, and pictures taken for future reference, I set out to get home only to be caught in various traffic jams around the Gold Souk. Saturday's are definitely a getting-things-done day for loads of people.

The rest of the day was spent at home, doing further research online. My blip is of the souk which is located in a very old and crowded part of town where parking is impossible. I couldn't believe it when the only space that became available was next to a Rolls Royce! I wish I had the courage to ask what the owner was having done to his car!

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